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Climate change Science & Innovation Day 2019

Climate change - challenges and opportunities

Climate change gives us new social challenges and the development of new biofuels and products is important to meet the environmental challenges. How can research contribute to reducing climate change and face the challenges of the global Agenda 2030 goals? With sensor technology, we can measure environmental pollutants and manage old environmental sins while developing new green products and processes from residual flows in the biorefinery sector.

Green energy Science & Innovation Day 2019

Green Energy

The growth rate is very high in the green energy sector. The phasing out of cars with internal combustion engines has begun and many are being replaced by electric vehicles. What do we do to meet the environmental goals of sustainable energy in the UN Global Agenda 2030? In parallel, there is a large expansion of renewable energy production with solar energy and wind energy.

How to utilize research results

How to utilize research results

How can research be utilized in society? What is best for you and your research results? Startups, patents, business angels, entrepreneurs or corporate collaborations. There are different choices to make. On this session you who are a researcher or PhD student, will get examples of how researchers have utilized their research results and what support Miun Innovation and Åkroken Science Park can be on this journey.

Science & Innovation day 2019 industry of the future

Industry of the future

Digitalization completely changes the conditions of the industry and creates new business opportunities. On this track you will gain an insight into how 5G and AI will revolutionize the industry and what technical challenges the researchers are working on. We also discuss how the development completely overturns old business models and how you can work with the transition in the best way, whether you are the leader of a large industry, working as an IT consultant or just starting a new business.

renewable materials & circular economy

Renewable materials & circular economy

Wood fibers such as cellulose can be used in a variety of applications, such as membranes and films. We develop new forms of regenerated cellulose and nanocellulose which can be given different properties based on needs and purposes. Can we meet the UN's environmental goals responsible consumption and production Agenda 2030? Many of these applications can be used as substitutes for fossil-based plastics.

Sustainable cities Science & Innovation Day 2019

Sustainable cities

Digitization, urbanization and globalization are changing our society. To create smart and sustainable cities, we need interdisciplinary collaboration and excellence from different areas. On this track you will find examples of how to build a smart city. What are the risks in the connected city and what opportunities are created when new technology challenges old business models.

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