Joachim Karthäuser, CEO Zelk-Energy AB

“Waste-to-hydrogen:  the role of Heat Power in the future energy system” with Joachim Karthäuser, CEO Zelk-Energy

“Waste-to-hydrogen: the role of Heat Power in the future energy system”

At least 50% of primary energy used in transport, industry and by private consumers ends up as waste heat. The presentation focuses on the significant and already existing opportunities to utilize waste heat, both for heating and electricity production / storage purposes. In the second part, the role of start-ups in the energy field is discussed: ecosystem of companies, financing problems, public support and the role of taxes, growth challenges and leadership.

Keynote: Joachim Karthäuser, CEO Zelk-Energy AB (publ.)


Short bio

Joachim Karthäuser obtained his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Göttingen University in 1990 and started his career by working for the German Parliament study commission on climate and ozone hole issue. Since then, he has worked internationally in functions like R&D, sales and technical management for Shell, NKT and AGA / Linde. Since 2006, he is active as serial entrepreneur in the CleanTech, nano-materials and renewable energy field, e.g. in companies such as SiOx Machines AB, Re-Organic AS, Icesolution AS, Climeon AB and Zelk. In 2011, he co-founded Climeon AB which was Nasdaq-listed in 2017. Since 2021, he focuses on hydrogen for transport as CEO for the new venture Zelk-Energy AB.