Green Energy

The growth rate is very high in the green energy sector. The phasing out of cars with internal combustion engines has begun and many are being replaced by electric vehicles. What do we do to meet the environmental goals of sustainable energy in the UN Global Agenda 2030? In parallel, there is a large expansion of renewable energy production with solar energy and wind energy.


We deepen the discussions on research and development throughout the value chain for green energy, from development of wind surfaces and energy storage to power electronics and charging infrastructure.


Session 1 kl 11.00-12.00 - Sweden's future energy systems
Premises: Glasblåsaren

  • “Sustainable energy storage from the forest”
    Speaker: Peter Ringstad, CEO Ligna Energy
  • "Research results from KM2 and Kick off for DRIVE"
    Speaker: Dr. Nicklas Blomquist, professor Håkan Olin, docent Jonas Örtegren, Mid Sweden University

Session 2 kl. 13:30-14:30 - Green materials and processes
Premises: Glasblåsaren

  • "Graphene – the new green material for energy storage"
    Speaker: Roland Bäck, 2D fab
  • "Flygbränsle från skogsråvara"
    Det finns flera spännande tekniker för att producera flygbränsle från skogsindustriella restströmmar. RISE Processum arbetar idag med tre olika projekt där målet är att få fram skogsbaserat flygbränsle.
    Speaker: Björn Alriksson, gruppchef Bioteknik RISE Processum
  • "Energiintegration – samverkan energisystem"
    Speaker: Jonas Joelsson, Rise Processum och Dr. Olof Björkqvist, Mid Sweden University

Session 3 kl. 15:00-16:00 - Tech solutions for future batteries
Premises: Glasblåsaren

  • "Research results in Litium-ion batteries"
    Speaker: Dr. Manisha Phadatare, Mid Sweden University
  • "Summerize of the day"
    Speaker: Dr. Nicklas Blomquist, Professor Håkan Olin Mid Sweden University