Liza-Maria Norlin Science & Innovation Day 2019

Moderator of the conference

Liza-Maria Norlin

Liza-Maria will guide us through the conference and will ask the tough, and somewhat, tricky questions to the speakers. Liza-Maria has broad experience with a background education as a teacher, she currently works not only as a lecturer and moderator but also as a leader for everything from digitization projects to political parties.

Gustav Stenbeck Science & Innovation Day 2019

Mötet mellan hållbarhet och lönsamma affärer

Gustav Stenbeck

Gustav Stenbeck är miljöaktivisten som blev riskkapitalist. Med erfarenhet från Greenpeace, multinationella företag och från startupvärlden talar han om hur hållbarhet håller på att förändra det ekonomiska landskapet i rasande takt och hur det påverkar sättet bolag gör affärer på. Både idag, imorgon och långt därefter.

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Johanna Reimers

Using AI to sort batteries, fish and in-between

Johanna Reimers, Refind Technologies AB

CEO of Refind, Johanna Reimers, tells the story of the small tech company who was first to use artificial intelligence in batteries sorting, and how they moved in to other areas such as fish species recognition - through collaboration and innovative thinking.

Norah Klintberg Sakal

Artifiell Intelligence for... (you fill in the blank)

Norah Klintberg Sakal

If you would train an artificial intelligence algorithm, what would you train it to do? When you hear “artificial intelligence”, you might think of complex solutions like self-driving cars, autonomous drones, and robots or smart assistants like Alexa or Siri - but it doesn’t have to be that complex. You can build a powerful but practical AI model within a topic that is useful for you - in 3 easy steps.

Talarbild Daniel Lidberg Cellink Science & Innovation Day 2019

“3D Bioprinting human tissue models”

Daniel Lidberg Nordic Sales Director Cellink

From start-up to scale-up to world leader. How CELLINK became world leader within bioprinting in just one year and maintaining the leading market position.

Elin Almén

Elin Almén - stand up comedian

Evening entertainment

Elin Almén is a stand up comedian, actor and tv-host. In 2017, she was nominated for this year's newcomer at the Swedish "stand up gala" and since then she has been able to see her in TV programs such as "Släng dig i brunnen (SVT)", Stand up utan gränser (Comedy central), Confessions (Comedy Central) and her own humor series #Flickstreck (Viafree). She has a humor that often starts in recognition and ends in absurd act outs.

Speakers at the parallel sessions